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Cherry Blossom Caring Feet Gift Set

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Gift Set
SKU: NB297

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Revive and soothe the hard working skin on your feet with this pampering Caring Feet Gift Set. Today’s busy world often means we’re running around all day long so taking time to relax and unwind is not always possible. Putting time aside once a week to pamper your feet will help soothe your skin, improve circulation and make you feel human again! Step 1: Pour our Cleansing Foot Soak into a bowl of warm water, sink your feet in and relax! The active ingredients of Arnica, Butcher’s Broom, Menthol and Vitamins E and B5 will soothe, heal and refresh . When time is in short supply rinse your feet in water and wash with this product for an instant boost. Step 2: Pat your feet dry and apply a coin sized amount of our Foot Buffing Cream. Using circular movements massage the exfoliating cream across your skin allowing the Pumice Stone to gently yet effectively buff your skin whilst the Coca and Shea Butter base hydrates. Step 3: Rinse your feet with warm water and pat dry. Step 4: Spray your clean, dry feet with our Reviving Foot Spray featuring ingredients such as Arnica, Butcher’s Broom and Menthol to further soothe and heal. Use as often as required through the day for an revitalising lift. Step 5: Apply a coin sized amount of Creamy Foot Soother to you feet and massage into the skin taking extra care around dry skin such as the heels. Active ingredients of Cocoa Butter and Shea Butter penetrate the skin to instantly moisturise and revive. Step 6: Wear the soft Cotton Socks overnight to help the conditioning and hydrating properties of our products sink into the skin.


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